Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Saving the worst for last......

The Dining Room is the last room on the first floor we have not started. The green carpet had been replaced with a brown shag to get the home ready for sale??? We, really Bobbi (see has the vision I lack) has several changes in mind: removing the carpet to expose the hardwood floors, removing the wallpaper and repainting, replacing the baseboard trim along with a new ceiling light.

We made some progress over a weekend in March. The carpet has been removed along with a layer of wallpaper, yes there were multiple layers of paper. We rented a sander and started refinishing our first hardwood floors (note the black spot of oil and motorcycle treadmarks on the floor - part of the house history as a motorcycle shop). After Spring Break we will return to paint the walls, add new baseboard trim and paint the hardwoods.

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