Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Checking things out.

Christmas break walk on the pier.
A warm St. Patty Day unset from the lighthouse...
Some random photos from the past several weeks... The weather has been mild and beautiful, so we are enjoying time outdoors during our first winter up north.

Lola, in her usual manic style, is very eager to enjoy the walks, sand and water.

Zeke's approach is a bit more hesitant...preferring to take things in from the distance, while contemplating his future with his new noisy, dominant, manic canine sister. I think you will agree...he appears concerned.

Frank is developing a wall plaque commemorating "First one in the water" each year. Lola was determined to get her name on the plaque the first 44 degree water. Did I mention there is a cash prize associated with the first plunge of the year? Frank is putting up $50 to the first one neck high. Name on the plaque, and $50...Good Luck. The water has been warmer this year compared to recent years, so we are expecting our first annual commemoration quite early!

I will soon start posting pictures of the home, inside and out; progress and lack there of, then and now...