Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 South Haven Events

We had many friends & family visit us throughout the 2012 summer season.  It was so much fun sharing our first official summer at the lake with all The Lucky Deck newcomers!  We anticipate a full summer in 2013.  In preparation, here a list of all the official events:

  1. Second Annual First One In the Water Contest. -  First one in the lake - up to his/her neck - witnessed by Frank or Bobbi - is awarded $50. The winner will be commemorated with picture and name framed on our wall of fame.  Last year's winner was Bryce Sears on April 2 with a tepid 38F water temp. Grace Gumino & Logan Sears ran a very close (nanoseconds) second.   For all of you eager beavers...the current water temp is 32F.  BRrrr.  No wet-suits allowed.  We are also not responsible for any injury or illness resulting.  We do have a waver that must be signed prior to the plunge. 
  2. Riverfront Concerts - Every Thursday, starting May 23, a different band performs on the riverfront.  This is really nothing special...but it makes for an interesting walk by on the way to the ice cream store.
  3. Blessing of the Fleet - Friends Good Will Launching - Public sailing begins.  This is one of my personal favorite passtimes while at the lake - just hanging out at the river front watching the beautiful boats come and go. 
  4. Allegan Antique Market - The last weekend of every month brings all things old or lost to this antique market.
  5. Memorial Day Parade - Several local, and I mean local, beauty queens will be available for the wandering and wondering eye.  I am astonished, with each parade that I watch here in South Haven, that there are so many darn beauty queens...with so many different titles/sashes.  Even their parents get to ride in their own special car in the parades.  This puzzles really is a conundrum if you think about it too long. 
  6. Festival of Cars   - As you can imagine, this is one of Frank's favorites!  He has already started to plant the seed - he is bringing the 57.
  7. Waterfront Film Festival - ohh..the town is all abuzz over this!  Normally, this festival is in Saugatuck.  But they are taking it on the road this year...and we are thrilled.  It was reported in the South Haven Gazette that someone "in the know" heard that one of the movies being premiered at the festival was produced & directed by Daryl Hannah's ex-chauffeur's cousin's boyfriend's little sister's boyfriend's dog groomer.  Needless to say, this is the event of the season. This is June 13 - 16.
  8. Harborfest - June 20-23 - People, food, music, more parades/beauty queens, boat shows, classic boat shows, vintage baseball games, garden club flower shows, etc...
  9. Lipbone Redding Concert - June 28 - I guess this is a big deal??
  10. SHOUT Garden Walk & Carnegie Garden Walk - June 29
  11. Fireworks - July 3 - over the lake - best in the world
  12. July 4th Parade - yes, you guessed it.
  13. Summer Art Fair - July 7
  14. South Haven Garden Walk - July 13
  15. Fish Boil & The Elders in concert - July 20
  16. Family Farm Fest - July 27 - rest assured the beauty queens will be in attendance
  17. Quilt Show - August 3
  18. Wine and Beer Tasting =) Vintage Baseball - August 3
  19. The INTERNATIONAL Blueberry Festival.  Crowning of Miss Blueberry, Miss Teen Blueberry, Miss Pre-teen Blueberry and Mrs. Blueberry.  - This is an event you do not want to miss.  Lots of food, all with blueberries.  August 8 - 11.
  20. Craft/Art Fair - August 31
  21. Old Engine and Tractor Show - September 1 (I find this quite annoying and loud)
  22. South Beach Triathlon - September 21
  23. Juried Art Show - September 28
This list is of course, not all-inclusive.  And it does not include all the happenings in the surrounding fun spots such as Saugatuck (a fascinating people watching spot) and St. Joe's (great waterfront water park and carousel).  We can't wait to see you this summer!  AFTER you sign up to follow this blog - you may contact Frank or me with your dates. 

See it?

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