Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We have been working on the kitchen...alot.  Initially, the kitchen looked like this:

Not bad, if you enjoy cooking and living in an oak cave.  The cabinets were too big and bulky.  Because they were corner units, they were difficult to get anything out of there once I got it in.  I wanted to open it up a little, without spending any money or limiting my storage.  So we started to do this:
All was proceeding.  We had a tad bit of difficulty removing the cabinets...but got it done.  If you have a keen eye you will note that the wall behind the cabinets is actually plywood.  
 So then we (Mark) removed the bulkheads, revealing the old original outside wood siding of the back of the house; as well as an OLD animal nest.  LOVELY.  INTERESTING.  UUHHGG!
Additional progress...goes alot faster with help :)  Closed up the wall and ceiling.  Replaced many ceiling tiles and added many ceiling tiles.  Peeled off dark blue cherry )not cheery) wallpaper, added beadboard, shelving and white paint everywhere.  

This weekend we plan on finishing the kitchen.  Black paint on the lower cabinets, White on the remaining uppers.  And finishing touches....  

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